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Dec. 9 to 13: Reviewing work in Herefordshire

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Mr. G. RUSSELL [?], delegate of the National Union, writes:— Last week in Herefordshire we held good, successful Union meetings at the following places, and succeeded in establishing branches in each place:— Grosmound, on Monday, Dec. 9th, where the farmers mustered very strong, and shouted themselves nearly hoarse in opposition, but we left the flag waving in the breeze. — On Tuesday a first-rate meeting at Orcop. There were 500 persons present. It was the first Union meeting that has been held here; at the close 30 members joined the new branch, and numbers more are expected to join. — At Wormbridge, on Wednesday, we had a good meeting, in spite of the opposition of several farmers. We beat them all off the ground, and started a new branch of our noble Union. — On Thursday we held a good meeting at the Mason's Arms, Kingstone, and succeeded in forming a branch, that will, for the present, be joined to Madeley; the latter numbers 70 members, and is only six weeks old. — We finished up the week by holding a first-class meeting at Allensmere on the Friday night, where about 400 people attended, and where we succeeded in forming a new branch. — Reviewing the work of the last two months in this county we have been very successful, for although we have met with a deal of opposition, both fierce and bitter, yet we have managed, in all cases, to establish about 30 branches, which are fast becoming a power to be felt. We had arranged to hold other meetings in Herefordshire before Christmas but the Committee have sent Mr. Russell to London, to collect in money for our funds; but he hopes, as soon as Christmas is gone by, to be working away in the old county, forming new branches and consolidating old ones.

Edwin Russell, Reports in the Labourers' Union Chronicle , No. 18 (Dec. 21, 1872), p. 7

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