Theme : Political Life

Themes are used in the Vision of Britain system to organise all our statistical data into a small number of broad categories, often identified by icons on the web site.

Political Life
Theme (T)
Vision of Britain holds detailed data on every British election since 1832. The country was divided up geographically into constituencies, and we hold information about all the constituencies within Great Britain, including the different versions of their names. Most votes held in constituencies were as part of General Elections, when the whole country voted, but we also hold information on By-elections, when one or two constituencies voted because MPs had resigned, died, etc. Although today every constituency covers a well-defined geographical area, and elects just one MP, until 1950 there were also University Constituencies, whose voters were people who had graduated from a particular university, wherever they were living now. Until 1950, many constituencies elected two MPs, and some had as many as four. Vision of Britain is currently limited to Great Britain, but our data are all for elections to the UK Parliament at Westminster, so until 1922 the overall result of a General Election depended not just on the British results held here but also on voting in the whole of Ireland; from 1922 onwards, southern Ireland was a separate state but Northern Ireland still sends MPs to Westminster.

Theme " Political Life " is contained within:

The Database, which everything else is contained within:

Entity ID Entity Name
DB VoB Database

Theme " Political Life " contains:

Rates, for mapping and for comparing areas :

Entity ID Entity Name
R_VOTER_TURNOUT Election Turnout: Percentage of Registered Voters Voting
R_WINNING_PARTY Election Winners: Which party won each constituency
R_CONSERVATIVE Percentage voting Conservative
R_NATIONALIST Percentage voting for Nationalist parties

Datasets or nCubes, containing the actual data :

Entity ID Entity Name
N_ELECTORATE_TOT Total Electorate
N_VOTERS_TOT Persons Voting or Not Voting
N_ELECTION_QUOTA Quota required under STV Voting
N_VOTES_CAST_TOT Total Votes Cast
N_POL_PARTY_GROUP Groupings of Political Parties
N_POL_PARTY Political Parties

Variables, defining what data was gathered for :

Entity ID Entity Name
V_ELECTORATE_TOT Total Electorate
V_VOTERS_TOT Numbers of persons voting or not voting
V_ELECTION_QUOTA Quota for University Constituencies
V_VOTES_CAST_TOT Total Votes Cast
V_POL_PARTY_GROUP Groupings of Political Parties
V_POL_PARTY Political Parties