nCube : Political Parties

nCubes hold all the statistics presented by the Vision of Britain system, and are defined as combinations of variables. For example, the age-sex tables that appear in most census reports are held as two-dimensional nCubes in which one dimension is a variable categorising sex and the other variable defines a set of age groups. nCubes can have many dimensions, such as age by sex by occupation by cause of death, or just one.

Political Parties
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The election result data we hold includes over three hundred party labels, so we have simplified them to these seven simple categories. Of course, most candidates in most elections, and almost every candidate who won, was standing for one of the main parties, but an enormous range of labels have been used by one or two candidates. These groupings have been defined based almost entirely on the party labels, rather than detailed research into party policies, but including words like 'Labour' or 'Conservative' in your party label says a lot about where you stand, and even more about the people voting for you. 'Left' means broadly speaking candidates to the left of the Liberal or Labour parties, 'Right' candidates to the right of the Conservatives. 'Nationalist' means any kind of nationalist, even including Isle of Wight nationalists.

nCube " Political Parties " is contained within:

Themes, which organise the database into broad topics:

Entity ID Entity Name
T_POL Political Life

Universes, definining what the values in datasets add up to:

Entity ID Entity Name
U_VOTES_CAST Number of votes cast in an election

nCube " Political Parties " contains:

Variables, defining what data was gathered for :

Entity ID Entity Name
V_POL_PARTY Political Parties

Political Parties: Data map listing

Each of our datasets, or nCubes, combines one or more variables (Var) each of which consists of a set of categories. The data map lists all the possible combinations of categories. The cell references are the identifiers held in our main table of statistics, recording what each number measures.

Cell Reference Var Category Value
POL_PARTY:no 1 No party listed
POL_PARTY:no_[1] 1 No party listed (1)
POL_PARTY:no_[2] 1 No party listed (2)
POL_PARTY:acf 1 Anti-Corruption Forum
POL_PARTY:acp 1 Anti-Crime Party
POL_PARTY:afc 1 Alliance for Change
POL_PARTY:agric 1 Agriculturist/Farmers' candidate
POL_PARTY:agricp 1 Agricultural Party
POL_PARTY:alert_p 1 Alert Party
POL_PARTY:alliance 1 Alliance Party of Northern Ireland
POL_PARTY:amnesty 1 Amnesty
POL_PARTY:antih 1 Anti H-Block
POL_PARTY:anti-mas 1 Anti-Maasricht/Anti-Federalist League
POL_PARTY:ap 1 Anti-Partitionist
POL_PARTY:apa 1 All Party Alliance
POL_PARTY:apacm 1 All Party Anti-Common Market
POL_PARTY:arps 1 Air, Road, Public Safety
POL_PARTY:arpsw 1 Air, Road, Public Safety, White Resident
POL_PARTY:asian 1 Asian League
POL_PARTY:awl 1 Anti-Waste League
POL_PARTY:b+cp 1 British & Commonwealth Party
POL_PARTY:bbca 1 Battle of Britain Christian Alliance
POL_PARTY:bcp 1 British Commonwealth Party
POL_PARTY:bep 1 British Empire Party
POL_PARTY:blp 1 Belfast Labour Party
POL_PARTY:bm 1 British Movement
POL_PARTY:bnp 1 British National Party
POL_PARTY:bpp 1 British People's Party
POL_PARTY:bridge 1 Abolish Forth Bridge Tolls
POL_PARTY:bsp 1 British Socialist Party
POL_PARTY:buf 1 British Union of Fascists & National Socialists
POL_PARTY:cccccc 1 Christ, Crown, Country, Commonwealth, Christian Constitution
POL_PARTY:cd 1 Christian Democrat
POL_PARTY:char 1 Chartists
POL_PARTY:cid 1 Conservative Independent Democrat
POL_PARTY:co_con 1 Coalition Conservative
POL_PARTY:co_con_[1] 1 Coalition Conservative (1)
POL_PARTY:co_con_[2] 1 Coalition Conservative (2)
POL_PARTY:co_con_[con] 1 Coalition Conservative (Conservative)
POL_PARTY:co_lab 1 Coalition Labour
POL_PARTY:co_lib 1 Coalition Liberal
POL_PARTY:co_lib_[1] 1 Coalition Liberal (1)
POL_PARTY:co_lib_[2] 1 Coalition Liberal (2)
POL_PARTY:co_lib_[lib] 1 Coalition Liberal (Liberal)
POL_PARTY:com 1 Communist Party of Great Britain
POL_PARTY:con 1 Conservative
POL_PARTY:con_[1] 1 Conservative (1)
POL_PARTY:con_[2] 1 Conservative (2)
POL_PARTY:con_[3] 1 Conservative (3)
POL_PARTY:con_[4] 1 Conservative (4)
POL_PARTY:con_[ind_con] 1 Conservative (Independent Conservative)
POL_PARTY:con_[ind_con]_[con] 1 Conservative (Independent Conservative) (Conservative)
POL_PARTY:con_[lib] 1 Conservative (Liberal)
POL_PARTY:con_[np] 1 Conservative (New Party)
POL_PARTY:const 1 Constitutionalist
POL_PARTY:co-op 1 Co-operative Party
POL_PARTY:cotb 1 Christian Outreach to Britain, Anti-Pornography
POL_PARTY:count 1 Countryside Party
POL_PARTY:cp 1 Christian Party
POL_PARTY:cpa 1 Christian People's Alliance
POL_PARTY:cpac 1 Christian Pacifist
POL_PARTY:cpac_[lab] 1 Christian Pacifist (Labour)
POL_PARTY:crofter 1 Crofter
POL_PARTY:cs 1 Christian Socialist
POL_PARTY:cw 1 Common Wealth Movement
POL_PARTY:cw_land_p 1 Commonwealth Land Party
POL_PARTY:cwlp 1 Commonwealth Labour Party (Northern Ireland)
POL_PARTY:dcsp 1 Direct Customer Service Party
POL_PARTY:dem_con 1 Democratic Conservative
POL_PARTY:dem_lab 1 Democratic Labour
POL_PARTY:dem_mon 1 Democratic Monarchist
POL_PARTY:dem_soc 1 Democratic Socialist
POL_PARTY:dmpswr 1 Democratic Monarchist, Public Safety, White Resident
POL_PARTY:dp 1 Democratic Party
POL_PARTY:dup 1 Democratic Unionist Party
POL_PARTY:dwsb 1 Defend the Welfare State Against Blairism
POL_PARTY:east_lon 1 East London People's Front
POL_PARTY:ec+uep 1 Empire Crusader & United Empire Party
POL_PARTY:ec_[con] 1 Empire Crusader (Conservative)
POL_PARTY:eco 1 Ecology Party

This nCube contains 894 cells but only the first 80 have been listed