Other people who helped

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Over the years, many people have provided the project with data, advice and help in raising funds. Naming particular people is always dangerous, but it would be particularly absurd not to mention:

  Matthew Woollard
Robert Woods
Iain Stevenson
Richard Smith
Kevin Schürer
Dick Sargent
Andrew Robson
James Reid
Richard Oliver
Donald Morse
Bob Morris
Graham Mooney
Mike Meredith
David Medyckyj-Scott
Derek Keene
Roger Kain
Bruce Gittings
David Allan Gatley
Chris Fleet
Danny Dorling
Giles Clark
Kate Charles
Rob Blatt
Peter Barber
Sheila Anderson

Thanks to them all.

Finally, thanks to everyone who has paid their taxes, bought their lottery tickets or filled in a census form. Hope you like the results -- it is supposed to be a portrait of us all, and where we have come from.

Humphrey Southall

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