Karl Moritz, Travels in England in 1782

Picture of Karl Moritz

Karl Philipp Moritz was born in Prussia in 1757 and died in 1793. He visited England in 1782 as a young Prussian clergyman travelling on a modest budget, with little in his pocket besides a copy of Paradise Lost, which he meant to read in the Land of Milton. These were the years immediately before the French Revolution and he admired England's relative freedom. His account of his journey is written as a series of letters to a friend, and was translated from the German and published in 1795. The first half of his account describes his stay in London, including hearing speeches by famous politicians. He then travelled on foot through Richmond, Windsor, Oxford and Birmingham to the Peak District, returning to London by coach.

The following sections are available:
Chapter 1: Arrival
Chapter 2: Entering London
Chapter 3: London Life
Chapter 4: Preaching and Pleasure Gardens
Chapter 5: Parliament
Chapter 6: Around London
Chapter 7: St. Paul's Cathedral
Chapter 8: London to Richmond
Chapter 9: Richmond to Windsor
Chapter 10: Windsor to Oxford
Chapter 11: Oxford to Derbyshire
Chapter 12: Derbyshire to Northampton
Chapter 13: Northampton to London
Chapter 14: Departure