George Head, A Home Tour through various parts of the United Kingdom

Picture of George Head

George Head, who was knighted in 1831, was born at Higham in Kent in 1782. He was educated at Charterhouse and joined the army in 1808, serving in the Peninsular war against Napoleon in Portugal, Spain and France, then later in Canada. In 1829 he published his reminiscences of Canada, which led to a number of further travel books including two about Britain. He died in London in 1855. He seems to have been the inspiration for 'George Head', an intrepid explorer suffering from double vision who appeared in the first series of Monty Python's Flying Circus. This book was a sequel to Head's 1836 book, A Home Tour through the Manufacturing Districts which we also hold, and covers the Isle of Man, the Western Highlands, the Channel Isles and Ireland. Our copy is currently limited to the chapters covering the Isle of Man and the Western Highlands.

The following sections are available:
Arriving in the Isle of Man
South from Douglas
The west coast of the Isle of Man
The Foxdale Mines and the Calf of Man
Ramsey; a Manx Wedding
Point of Ayre and back to Douglas
Up the West Highland Coast
Visiting Mull
The Caledonian Canal
Arriving on Guernsey
Surroundings of St. Peter's Port
Property and education on Guernsey
Ireland: Roscommon
Roscommon to Galway