Descriptive gazetteer entries

These other entries in our collection of descriptive gazetteers are also about Orcheston St George. You may be able to find further references to Orcheston St George in the descriptive gazetteers by doing a full-text search here.

Place Type of entry Source
Orcheston St George parish Bartholomew

This additional information from our descriptive gazetteers is for locations within the parish or parishes associated with Orcheston St George.

Place Type of entry Source
ELSTON a hamlet Imperial

Travel writing

Sorry, but no mentions of this place can be found.

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Place Mentioned in Travel Writing Mentioned in Hist. Gazetteer
Orcheston St Mary 0 2
Orcheston 0 1
Salisbury Plain 0 2
Shrewton 0 2
Tilshead 0 2
Rollestone 0 2
Maddington 0 2
Winterbourne Stoke 3 2
Netheravon 7 4
Black Heath 0 2
Chitterne 0 4
Market Lavington 1 3
Yarnbury 0 2
Berwick St James 1 2
Stonehenge 0 2
West Lavington 0 3
Durrington 0 2
Easterton 0 2
Rushall 0 2
Branch and Dole 0 2