Annual birth, marriage and death counts for Registration Districts in England & Wales (currently 1861 only)

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VITAL_REG_EW     (62809)
Annual birth, marriage and death counts for Registration Districts in England & Wales (currently 1861 only)
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Raw Data
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Humphrey Southall
Reporting units are identified by:
   Registration County
   Registration District
   Registration District Number
   Suffix to Registration District Number
The data cover the period 1851 to 1910.
Dates and times are identified by:


  1. 1861: This is a complete transcription of the table "Marriages, births, and deaths registered in each of the divisions, counties, and districts in 1861", on pp. 30-38 of the Twenty-fourth Annual Report of the Registrar-General. Counts of deaths at ages under 1 year for males and females have been added from the table "Deaths at different Ages Registered in the Year 1861--in Districts", on pp. 102-19 of the same report.


  1. This table has been set up so that it can be extended to multiple years, but for now holds data for 1861 only.


  1. The counts of births and of deaths have been checked by comparing the totals with the sum of the counts for males and females.
  2. The counts of infant deaths were checked during data entry by summing by county and division, then comparing the results with the reported totals for those units. These numbers can be assumed to be error free.
  3. The figures for total census population are in fact taken directly from the 1861 census listing, as that was used as the source for district names, etc. The actual figures in the RG's report was OCR'd and compared with the figure from the census report, and in most cases matched, so the numbers were clearly identical.
  4. This is OCR output, so the remaining columns need further checking before use: the acreage, the count of marriages and the counts of illegitimate births.


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vital_reg_ew_pkey Primary key rec_num


The table has the following associated constraints:

vital_reg_ew_pkey Primary Key See details above for primary key index

Columns within table:

year Integer number. Calendar year covered by the data.
reg_num Integer number. Number identifying each RD, and placing it in order.
reg_sfx Text string (max.len.=8). Suffix to ID number, allowing IDs such as '431A'.
reg_dist Text string (max.len.=44). Name of Registration District to which data relate.
reg_cnty Text string (max.len.=24). Name of Registration County in which the district was located.
area_a Integer number. Area of the district in acres.
pop_cen Integer number. Population of the district at the most recent census (i.e. 1861 for the 1861 data).
tot_mar Integer number. Total: Marriages.
tot_birth Integer number. Total: Births.
tot_death Integer number. Total: Deaths.
m_birth Integer number. Births (including illegitimate births) Males.
f_birth Integer number. Births (including illegitimate births) Feales.
m_illegit Integer number. Births: Illegitimate births: Males.
f_illegit Integer number. Births: Illegitimate births: Feales.
m_death Integer number. Deaths: Males.
f_death Integer number. Deaths: Females.
m_inf_death Integer number. Males: Deaths under 1.
f_inf_death Integer number. Females: Deaths under 1.
reg_cnty_unit Integer number. [No description available]
g_unit Integer number. [No description available]
rec_num Integer number. [No description available]