Parish level statistics for Scotland taken from the 1891 census

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Parish level statistics for Scotland taken from the 1891 census
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Paula Aucott
The data are for the single year 1891.


  1. This table holds a transcription of Table 1 The number of families, of houses inhabited, uninhabited, and building; the number of the total population and of persons of each sex, the number of persons speaking Gaelic only, and Gaelic and English; and the number of rooms with windows in 1891; and for comparison, the number of families, males, females, and both sexes, houses and rooms with windows, in 1881, for each registration district under section VIII Scotland in registration counties and registration districts, the districts being in alphabetical order under each county and arranged in two sub-divisions taken from the Population tables of Volume I of the 1891 Census of Scotland.
  2. The only data not included in the transcription are summary county data which can easily be computed from the data here.
  3. These data were originally transcribed by the Centre for Data Digitisation and Analysis at the Queen's University of Belfast in 2000. Additional checking and tiding up was done by Paula Aucott in February 2016.
  4. The printed table does not include footnotes.


  1. The original units in this table are registration districts. We have tried to match them to parishes in the auo becasue they were originally created based on the parish geography. They do not completely correspond with parishes. Further investigation has proved that although these units relate to parishes they are not the same. The matching is incomplete as we try to figure out what to do here. This also means the current column names are also temporary.
  2. The Scottish cities are not differentiated in the table at this date and are listed simply as parishes (and burghs) within their respective associated county, Aberdeen in Aberdeenshire (and partly Kincardine), Dundee in Forfar (now Angus), Edinburgh in Edinburgh (now Midlothian), and Glasgow in Lanarkshire.


  1. CDDA described their error checking process as follows: 'Each county contains summary data for all fields. These data were compared with summed OCR data for all places within the county and any differences between the two sums investigated.'
  2. All parishes within the table had their total population figures for 1891 and 1881 compared to the summed total of the male and female populations in the respective years to ensure consistency. Only one row failed this check, Tough parish in Aberdeen County for 1891. The total population was 100 more than the sum of males and females. The transcription is correct, this error was in printed the original table.
  3. All counts for all parishes were summed and compared against the Scotland totals (not transcribed) to ensure no transcription errors. The following consistency checks were conducted:
    • Population figures for both 1881 and 1891; Total, males, females
    • Housing figures for both 1881 and 1891; Inhabited, Uninhabited, Building, number of separate families, number of rooms
    • Language figures for 1891; Gaelic only, Gaelic & English
    No errors were identified.


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par_1891_s_pkey Primary key rec_num


The table has the following associated constraints:

par_1891_s_pkey Primary Key See details above for primary key index

Columns within table:

sco_region_num Integer number. Number of Division
sco_region Text string (max.len.=24). Name of Division
sco_cnty_num Integer number. Number of County
sco_cnty Text string (max.len.=34). Name of County
area_num Integer number. [No description available]
area_sfx Text string (max.len.=8). [No description available]
area_name Text string (max.len.=64). [No description available]
area_type Text string (max.len.=14). [No description available]
sco_dist_num Integer number. Number of Registration District
sco_dist Text string (max.len.=64). Name of Registration District
part_of Text string (max.len.=6). Set to "p" to indicate the registration district is split
no_data Text string (max.len.=6). [No description available]
sep_fam91 Integer number. Separate Families 1891
inh_1891 Integer number. Inhabited houses 1891
unh_1891 Integer number. Uninhabited houses 1891
bih_1891 Integer number. Building houses 1891
ma_1891 Integer number. Male population 1891
fe_1891 Integer number. Female population 1891
pop_1891 Integer number. Total population 1891
gaelic91 Integer number. Persons speaking Gaelic only 1891
gaeleng91 Integer number. Persons speaking Gaelic and English 1891
rm_wid91 Integer number. Rooms with one or more windows 1891
sep_fam81 Integer number. Separate Families 1881
inh_1881 Integer number. Inhabited houses 1881
unh_1881 Integer number. Uninhabited houses 1881
bih_1881 Integer number. Building houses 1881
ma_1881 Integer number. Male population 1881
fe_1881 Integer number. Female population 1881
pop_1881 Integer number. Total population 1881
rm_wid81 Integer number. Rooms with one or more windows 1881
notes Text string (max.len.=4004). Notes added after data capture
cnty_unit Integer number. Unit ID for the county containing the current area, as defined in the AUO.
g_unit Integer number. Unit ID for the current unit, which is a Parish.
rec_num Integer number. Sequence number keeping rows in order.
clean_area Text string (max.len.=59). [No description available]