Annual CORRECTED cause-of-death data for London Districts., 1860-1920

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MORT_REG_CORR     (61493)
Annual CORRECTED cause-of-death data for London Districts., 1860-1920
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Raw Data
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Humphrey Southall
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The data cover the period 1860 to 1920.
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  1. These data were transcribed from the Annual Reports of the Registrar General, and then corrected for deaths in institutions by Graham Mooney. The data cover all Registration Districts in the County of London from 1860 to 1884, all Sanitary Districts from 1885 to 1900, and all London Boroughs from 1901 to 1920. [MORE DETAIL NEEDED]


  1. This table is a corrected version of 'mort_reg'. I.e. the deaths have been re-allocated to the place of residence rather than the place of death to prevent districts containing hospitals having inflated mortality rates. This re-allocation was performed by Graham Mooney using "a variety of methodologies".
  2. The disease catagories are the same as those appearing in 'mort_ann', only the header data being different. However, this table is limited to London.


  1. Unknown; check with Graham Mooney.
  2. No matching to the AUO gazetteer has been attempted. These files have been altered to run on Postgres, but otherwise are exactly the same as they were on the oracle server. This data was not loading because the .dat file had a problem at line 1761 where half the data columns are missing. This looks like it is related to the dates. All rows from Hackney 1911 onwards had this issue were transferred to a separate .dat file "mort_reg_corr_1910s". For the time being the columns have been assumed to be the same as the preceding ones with the last ones missing. This needs investigating properly and fixing.


We are extremely grateful to the following:

  1. Graham Mooney: These data were supplied to the database by Graham Mooney. No limits have been placed on access.


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mort_reg_corr_pkey Primary key rec_num


The table has the following associated constraints:

mort_reg_corr_pkey Primary Key See details above for primary key index

Columns within table:

year Integer number. Calendar year to which data relate.
x_district Text string (max.len.=44). Name of geographical unit to which data relate.
rd_name Text string (max.len.=44). For Sanitary Areas this is the name of the Reg. Dist. that the area lies within. For all other areas it is the same as 'x_district'.
db_name Text string (max.len.=44). A GIS standardised version of rd_name as entered by Graham.
segment Text string (max.len.=14). The GIS "segment" of London the place is in.
type Text string (max.len.=8). Type of unit; i.e. Registration Districts up to 1911 and local authority units for later dates: 'RD'=Registration District, 'LB'=London Borough, 'SA'=Sanitary Area'.
status Text string (max.len.=8). Flags that the data have been corrected: 'CORR'=Corrected, null otherwise.
pop Integer number. Total Population.
total Integer number. Total number of deaths. (Listed for 1860-End).
entericb Integer number. Enteric Fever (Listed for 1901-End).
smallpox Integer number. Smallpox (Listed for 1860-End).
measles Integer number. Measles (Listed for 1860-End).
sca Integer number. Scarlatina/Scarlet Fever (Changed name from Scarlatina to Scarlet Fever in 1869). (Listed for 1860-End).
whoo Integer number. Whooping Cough (Listed for 1860-End).
dip Integer number. Diphtheria (Listed for 1860-End).
influ Integer number. Influenza (Listed for 1860-1880).
influb Integer number. Influenza (Listed for 1901-End).
erysipb Integer number. Erysipelas (Listed for 1911-End).
phth Integer number. Phthisis (Originally named Phthisis and Consumption, changed to Phthisis in 1881, and To Pulmonary TB, Phthisis in 1901). (Listed for 1860-End).
tubmen Integer number. Tuberculous Meningitis (Listed for 1901-End).
othertb Integer number. Other Tb and Scrofulous Diseases (named All Other TB Diseases from 1901) (Listed for 1881-End).
cancer Integer number. Cancer (Named Cancer, Malignant Diseases from 1911) (Listed for 1881-End).
rheum Integer number. Rheumatic Fever, Rheumatism Of The Heart (Named Rheumatic Fever from 1911) (Listed for 1901-End).
mening Integer number. Meningitis (Listed for 1911-End).
orgheart Integer number. Organic Heart Disease (Listed for 1911-End).
bron Integer number. Bronchitis (Listed for 1901-End).
pneum Integer number. Pneumonia (Named Pneumonia (All Forms) from 1911) (Listed for 1901-End).
othresp Integer number. Other Respiratory Diseases (Listed for 1911-End).
diarb Integer number. Diarrhoea Etc (Listed for 1911-End).
app_typh Integer number. Appendicitis and Typhlitis (Listed for 1911-End).
cirrh Integer number. Cirrhosis Of Liver (Listed for 1911-End).
alcohol Integer number. Alcoholism (Listed for 1911-End).
neph Integer number. Nephritis And Bright's Disease (Listed for 1911-End).
puerb Integer number. Puerperal Fever (Listed for 1911-End).
birthc Integer number. Parturition, Excl. Puerperal Fever (Listed for 1911-End).
condeb Integer number. Congenital Debility Etc. (Listed for 1911-End).
violb Integer number. Violence, Exc. Suicide (Listed for 1911-End).
suicide Integer number. Suicide (Listed for 1911-End).
otherdef Integer number. Other Defined Diseases (Listed for 1911-End).
illdef Integer number. Causes Ill-Defined Or Unknown (Listed for 1911-End).
inq Integer number. Inquests (Listed for 1870-1910).
disnerv Integer number. Diseases Of Nervous System (Listed for 1881-1900).
discirc Integer number. Diseases Of Circulatory System (Listed for 1881-1900).
disresp Integer number. Diseases Of The Respiratory System (Listed for 1860-1900).
disdig Integer number. Diseases Of Digestive System (Listed for 1881-1900).
disurin Integer number. Diseases Of Urinary System (Listed for 1881-1900).
disgen Integer number. Diseases Of Generative System (Listed for 1881-1900).
puer Integer number. Puerperal Fever (Listed for 1881-1900).
erysip Integer number. Erysipelas (Listed for 1860-1880).
metria Integer number. Metria Or Puerperal Fever (Listed for 1860-1880).
dys Integer number. Dysentery (Combined with Diarrhoea from 1881) (Listed for 1860-1880).
diar Integer number. Diarrhoea (Combined with Dysentery from 1881) (Listed for 1860-1880).
typhusf Integer number. Typhus Fever (Listed for 1869-1900).
typhus Integer number. Typhus (Split into Typhus Fever, Enteric or Typhoid Fever and Simple Continued Fever from 1869) (Listed for 1860-1868).
typhusb Integer number. Typhus (Listed for 1901-1910).
enteric Integer number. Enteric Or Typhoid Fever (Listed for 1869-1900).
simple Integer number. Simple Continued Fever (Listed for 1869-1900).
cholera Integer number. Cholera (Listed for 1860-1900).
birth Integer number. Childbirth (Listed for 1860-1900).
pyrexia Integer number. Pyrexia, Of Uncertain Origin (Listed for 1901-1910).
phthoth Integer number. Phthisis, Not Otherwise Defined (Listed for 1901-1910).
tubper Integer number. Tuberculous Peritonitis (Listed for 1901-1910).
tabes Integer number. Tabes Mesenterica (Listed for 1901-1910).
diar_dys Integer number. DiarrhoeaandDysentery (Listed for 1881-1910).
septic Integer number. Septic Diseases (Not Puerperal) (Listed for 1901-1910).
birthb Integer number. ChildbirthandPuerperal Septic Diseases (Listed for 1901-1910).
viol Integer number. Violence (Listed for 1881-1910).
other Integer number. Other Causes (Listed for 1881-1910).
rec_num Integer number. Unique number identifying row in table.