Annual Cause-of-Death Statistics for Local Government Districts, 1911-1920.

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Annual Cause-of-Death Statistics for Local Government Districts, 1911-1920.
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   Administrative County
   Local Government District
   Local Government District Type
The data cover the period 1911 to 1920.
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  1. These data were transcribed from the Annual Reports of the Registrar General. The full report title for 1911, for example, is 'Sixty-Fourth Annual Report of the Registrar-General of Births, Deaths, and Marriages in England and Wales 1911.' This title is typical.
  2. These data cover England and Wales only.
  3. The printed table includes occasional notes on changes in local government district boundaries. These have not been computerised.
  4. CDDA digitised data for 1911 represents a full computerisation of the numeric data contained in the printed table.


  1. The London data for the period 1911 to 1920 were added to the database as an aspect of our construction of a more detailed London GIS for the CMH project 'Death in the Metropolis, 1860-1920'.
  2. Remaining data were digitised by the Centre for Data Digitisation and Analysis at the Queen's University of Belfast.
  3. Data for London are available annually from 1911 to 1921. Data for the remainder of England and Wales are only available for 1911.
  4. Whereas the categories of mortality used by the Registrar General varied during the nineteenth and early twentieth century (see documentation for mort_reg) and there were significant changes between 1910 and 1911, for the limited period of 1911 to 1920 covered by this table, causes of death were consistently recorded.
  5. The original tables included neither the total population, which must be inserted from census statistics, or the total number of deaths.


  1. London data unknown; check with Graham Mooney. Data digitised by CDDA were checked by summing each cause of death (including 'All other causes' and comparing the figure with the total given for each district. It was not possible to check the 'Inquests' column and hence this was checked by sight.
  2. No matching to the AUO gazetteer has been attempted. These files have been altered to run on Postgres, but otherwise are exactly the same as they were on the oracle server. There is an error in the building of the index where Havant UD for 1911 is repeated. This cannot be corrected without viewing the orignal.


We are extremely grateful to the following:

  1. Graham Mooney: The data for London Registration Districts for 1911 to 1920 were supplied to the database by Graham Mooney. No limits have been placed on access.


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mort_acd_lgd_pkey Primary key rec_num


The table has the following associated constraints:

mort_acd_lgd_pkey Primary Key See details above for primary key index

Columns within table:

year Integer number. Calendar year to which data relate.
adm_cnty Text string (max.len.=104). Name of Administrative County.
lg_dist Text string (max.len.=154). Name of Local Government District.
lg_type Text string (max.len.=6). Type of District: ('MB'=Municipal Borough, etc).
sex Text string (max.len.=5). Male or Female.
total Integer number. Total number of deaths.).
entericb Integer number. Enteric Fever (Listed for 1911-1920).
smallpox Integer number. Smallpox (Listed for 1911-1920).
measles Integer number. Measles (Listed for 1911-1920).
sca Integer number. Scarlatina/Scarlet Fever (Changed name from Scarlatina to Scarlet Fever in 1869). (Listed for 1911-1920).
whoo Integer number. Whooping Cough (Listed for 1911-1920).
dip Integer number. Diphtheria (Listed for 1911-1920).
influb Integer number. Influenza (Listed for 1911-1920).
erysipb Integer number. Erysipelas (Listed for 1911-End).
phth Integer number. Phthisis (Originally named Phthisis and Consumption, changed to Phthisis in 1881, and To Pulmonary TB, Phthisis in 1901). (Listed for 1911-1920).
tubmen Integer number. Tuberculous Meningitis (Listed for 1911-1920).
othertb Integer number. Other Tb and Scrofulous Diseases (named All Other TB Diseases from 1901) (Listed for 1911-1920).
cancer Integer number. Cancer (Named Cancer) (Listed for 1911-1920).
rheum Integer number. Rheumatic Fever, Rheumatism Of The Heart (Listed for 1911-1920).
mening Integer number. Meningitis (Listed for 1911-1920).
orgheart Integer number. Organic Heart Disease (Listed for 1911-1920).
bron Integer number. Bronchitis (Listed for 1911-1920).
pneum Integer number. Pneumonia (Listed for 1911-1920).
othresp Integer number. Other Respiratory Diseases (Listed for 1911-1920).
diarb Integer number. Diarrhoea Etc. (Listed for 1911-1920).
app_typh Integer number. Appendicitis and Typhlitis (Listed for 1911-1920).
cirrh Integer number. Cirrhosis Of Liver (Listed for 1911-1920).
alcohol Integer number. Alcoholism (Listed for 1911-1920).
neph Integer number. Nephritis And Bright's Disease (Listed for 1911-1920).
puerb Integer number. Puerperal Fever (Listed for 1911-1920).
birthc Integer number. Parturition, Excl. Puerperal Fever (Listed for 1911-1920).
condeb Integer number. Congenital Debility Etc.(Listed for 1911-1920).
violb Integer number. Violence, Exc. Suicide (Listed for 1911-1920).
suicide Integer number. Suicide (Listed for 1911-1920).
otherdef Integer number. Other Defined Diseases (Listed for 1911-1920).
illdef Integer number. Causes Ill-Defined Or Unknown (Listed for 1911-1920).
notes Text string (max.len.=254). Notes either taken from the original table or added during digitisation.
rec_num Integer number. Unique number identifying row in table.