County-level summary statistics from the Land Utilisation Survey of Great Britain

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County-level summary statistics from the Land Utilisation Survey of Great Britain
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Humphrey Southall
The data cover the period 1881 to 1911.


  1. These data were transcribed from Table A, 'Summary of findings of the land utilisation Survey - Scotland and Wales. All areas in acres', pp. 197-8 in L.D. Stamp, The Land of Britain: Its use and misuse, 3rd Edition (??) (London: Geographical Publications, 1963).
  2. The data were computerised by Paula Aucott at Portsmouth in March 2006, with funding from the Environment Agency.


  1. These data were computed by the LUSGB team from their maps, but the method of calculation is unknown.
  2. The set of counties listed almost exactly matches those legally defined in 1931, the only exception being that Stamp reported just an overall total for Suffolk. We have estimated figures for East Suffolk and West Suffolk by allocating the acres of each land use in proportion to the two Administrative Counties' areas excluding water, as listed in table 2 of the 1931 Agricultural Census.
  3. The table includes data for the Isle of Man but not the Channel Isles. London is included with Middlesex. The four Scottish cities are listed in the original table but have no data.


  1. During data entry, the data were checked to ensure that the sum of the individual land uses for each county matched the reported total. The sum of the land uses for Bedfordshire in The Land of Britain were less than the published total by 100,000 acres, but the LUSGB County Report for Bedfordshire listed a correspondingly higher figure for 'Arable', so we used those figures.


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county Text string (max.len.=30). The name of the Administrative County, in England and Wales, or the Scottish County; or 'ISLE OF MAN'.
total_area Integer number. Total Area (Acres, excluding water).
arable Integer number. Arable.
perm_grass Integer number. Permanent Grass.
orchards Integer number. Orchards.
woods Integer number. Forests and Woodlands.
rough_grazing Integer number. Rough Grazing.
gardens Integer number. Houses with Gardens.
unproductive Integer number. Land Agriculturally Unproductive.
start_year Integer number. Year survey started in county.
end_year Integer number. Year survey ended in county (null if the same as start year).
g_unit Integer number. ID number of the county (or the Isle of Man), as defined in the AUO.
g_unit_type Text string (max.len.=28). Type of unit as defined in the AUO, i.e. ADM_CNTY, SCO_CNTY or (for the Isle of Man) COUNTRY.