Infant Mortality Statistics for Local Government Districts in 1911

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Infant Mortality Statistics for Local Government Districts in 1911
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Raw Data
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Humphrey Southall
Reporting units are identified by:
   Administrative County
   Local Government District
   Local Government District Type
The data are for the single year 1911.


  1. This is a very partial transcription from the Registrar General's Annual Report for 1911 made by Chris Galley, limited to the number of infant births and the infant mortality rate.


  1. This dataset will eventually be replaced by a full transcription of the mortality tables for Local Government Districts from the RG's Annual Reports in the years immediately before WWI.


  1. No checking has been done on the data, but Chris Galley used a list of the district names supplied by us, based on those units appearing in the 1911 LGD coverage within the Mark I GIS.


We are extremely grateful to the following:

  1. Chris Galley: No restrictions. Please acknowledge Chris Galley when presenting any results from these data.

Columns within table:

adm_cnty Text string (max.len.=29). Name of the administrative county containing the district.
lg_dist Text string (max.len.=44). Name of the Local Government District.
lg_type Text string (max.len.=6). Type of District: ('CB'=County Borough, 'MB'=Municipal Borough, etc.
births Integer number. Total number of births in the district during the year.
imr Integer number. Infant Mortality Rate: deaths aged under 1 per thousand live births.

Additional Notes:

Mis-matches between the GIS and the data are as follows:

Polygons with no data:

  • Breckonshire: Ystradfellte RD and Christ College UD.
  • Durham: Darlington BC.
  • Notts: Blackwell and Shardlow.
  • Staffs: Burslem MB, Congton MB, Cannock RD, Fenton UD, and Tunstall UD.
  • Surrey: Horsell UD.
  • Warw: Shipston on Stour RD.
  • West Riding: Kirkstall UD and Ounthwaite UD.

Data with no polygons:

  • Bucks: Eton UD.
  • Cumbs: Cockermouth UD.
  • Derbyshire: Matlock Bath UD and Scarthin Nick UD.
  • Devon: Dawlish UD and Holsworthy UD.
  • Glamorgan: Llantrisant UD and Llantwitfardre RD.
  • Kent: Penge UD.
  • Lancs: Hurst UD and Orrell UD.
  • Lincs: Bracebridge UD.
  • London: Bermondsey LB.
  • Monmouth: Abergavenny MB.
  • Norfolk: Loddon and Clavering RD and Downham Market UD. In addition, Kirkington cum Upsland should be a UD not an RD.
  • Rutland: Oakham UD.
  • Staffs: Tutbury RD and Tunstall UD.
  • Suffolk: Bungay RD.
  • Surrey: Windlesham UD.
  • Warw: Brailes RD and Tamworth RD.
  • West Riding: Baildon UD, Bentley with Arksley UD, Birstall UD, Enley UD, Flockton UD, Gunthwaite and Ingbirthworth UD.

There is also a note that Hoyland Nether UD in the data was called Royland Nether UD in the GIS.