Geo-Spatial Tables for Districts in Scotland

These tables hold polygon coverages for a single year which are linked to the Administrative Unit Ontology through the use of g_unit identifiers. This section of the database includes tables for 1971 and earlier which cover District-level units for Scotland.

Tables within section:

gis_s1931_district Derived Polygons for 1931 Scottish district-level units
gis_s1951_district Derived Polygons for 1951 Scottish district-level units
gis_s1951_scoburgh Raw Data Polygons for 1951 Scottish Burghs.
gis_s1951_scodoc Raw Data Polygons for 1951 Scottish Districts of Counties.
gis_s1961_district Derived Polygons for 1961 Scottish district-level units
gis_s1971_district Derived Polygons for 1971 Scottish district-level units