Theme : Learning & Language

Themes are used in the Vision of Britain system to organise all our statistical data into a small number of broad categories, often identified by icons on the web site.

Learning & Language
Theme (T)
Since 1951, the census has gathered information on what point in the education system individuals reached: did they leave school as soon as was legal, without qualifications? did they get GCSEs? and did they go to university and get a degree? In general, this information covers everyone of working age, so it has to be seen as an 'average' of decisions to stay on at school or leave taken during the forty or fifty years prior to the census.

Unfortunately, the variation in what was reported by different censuses means none of our measures can be presented for every census, and also that the precise definitions of measures vary from census to census, so precise rates cannot generally be compared over time, only relative positions.

Theme " Learning & Language " is contained within:

The Database, which everything else is contained within:

Entity ID Entity Name
DB VoB Database

Theme " Learning & Language " contains:

Rates, for mapping and for comparing areas :

Entity ID Entity Name
R_VOL_SCHOOL Percentage of persons entitled to voluntary schooling attending
R_SUN_SCHOOL Percentage of 5 to 14 year olds attending Sunday School
R_EDUC_UNQU Percentage Unqualified
R_EDUC_GRAD Percentage of persons with university degrees or equivalent
R_GAELIC Percentage of persons unable to speak Gaelic

Datasets or nCubes, containing the actual data :

Entity ID Entity Name
N_VOL_SCHOOL_ELIG_GEN Voluntary schooling total
N_VOL_SCHOOL_GEN Voluntary school attendance, redistricted
N_SUN_SCHOOL_GEN Sunday school attendance, redistricted
N_EDUC_LEVEL_TOT Educational Level Total
N_EDUC_LEVEL_UNQU_GEN Educational Level: Unqualified
N_EDUC_LEVEL_GRAD_GEN Educational Level: Graduate
N_SPEAK_GAELIC Persons speaking Gaelic
N_EDUC_LEVEL_1951 Age at Termination of Education
N_EDUC_LEVEL_1951_SCOT Age at Termination of Education
N_EDUC_LEVEL_1961 Age at Termination of Education
N_READ_WRITE_SEX_5UP Literacy by Gender
N_EDUC_LEVEL_TOT_SEX Educational Level Total

Variables, defining what data was gathered for :

Entity ID Entity Name
V_VOL_SCHOOL_ELIG Eligible for Vol. Schooling
V_VOL_SCHOOL Voluntary school attendance
V_SUN_SCHOOL Sunday School attendance
V_EDUC_LEVEL_TOT Educational Level Total
V_EDUC_LEVEL_UNQU Obtaining basic qualifications
V_EDUC_LEVEL_GRAD Obtaining Degreed
V_EDUC_LEVEL_1951 Terminal Education Age
V_EDUC_LEVEL_1951_SCOT Terminal Education Age
V_EDUC_LEVEL_1961 Terminal Education Age
V_READ_WRITE Whether able to read & write
V_SPEAK_GAELIC Speaking Gaelic or English