Rate : % of Households with sole use of a WC

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% of Households with sole use of a WC
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Once the most over-crowded slums had been demolished, attention turned to 'amenities', especially those connected to hygiene and health. Of these, having your own flush toilet is maybe the most important, and every census from 1951 to 1991 lets us calculate the proportion of households with sole use of one. The geographical pattern in 1951 was complex: the districts with the fewest WCs were in rural areas, like Mid Suffolk (69%), Breckland (68%) and Anglesey (58%), while many northern industrial towns were well equipped. Of course, the lack of sewerage systems in rural areas made providing WCs difficult. Within London, however, the worst rates were in inner city districts like Islington (where 52% of households lacked a WC) and Camden (46%), while outer districts like Hillingdon (10%) and Bromley (11%) were very different.

Between 1951 and 1971, the proportion of households without a WC in England and Wales fell only from 21% to 15%, although this is partly because from 1971 onwards the requirement was for sole use of an inside WC. By 1971, most rural areas were greatly improved so the worst areas were all rural, headed by Newham (39%) and Islington (37%) in London. Scotland is included in the 1971 figures, and was generally well-equipped.

By 1991, only 1% of households lacked a WC, while by 2001 it was under half a percent -- and that includes households with a WC but without a bath or shower.

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