nCube : Acreages of different crops, as reported by Agricultural Censuses 1961-3

nCubes hold all the statistics presented by the Vision of Britain system, and are defined as combinations of variables. For example, the age-sex tables that appear in most census reports are held as two-dimensional nCubes in which one dimension is a variable categorising sex and the other variable defines a set of age groups. nCubes can have many dimensions, such as age by sex by occupation by cause of death, or just one.

Acreages of different crops, as reported by Agricultural Censuses 1961-3
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The Agricultural Census used this set of crops in its main tabulation by county between 1961 and 1963.

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Unit Type Date Data Count

1961 116

1961 1740

nCube " Acreages of different crops, as reported by Agricultural Censuses 1961-3 " is contained within:

Dataset Groups, bringing together related datasets:

Entity ID Entity Name
NG_AGCEN_CROP Agricultural Census Crop Statistics

Universes, definining what the values in datasets add up to:

Entity ID Entity Name
U_ARABLE_A Total arable area in acres

nCube " Acreages of different crops, as reported by Agricultural Censuses 1961-3 " contains:

Variables, defining what data was gathered for :

Entity ID Entity Name
V_AGCEN_CROP_1961 Agricultural Census Crop Categories, 1961-3

Acreages of different crops, as reported by Agricultural Censuses 1961-3: Data map listing

Each of our datasets, or nCubes, combines one or more variables (Var) each of which consists of a set of categories. The data map lists all the possible combinations of categories. The cell references are the identifiers held in our main table of statistics, recording what each number measures.

Cell Reference Var Category Value
AGCEN_CROP_1961:wheat 1 Wheat
AGCEN_CROP_1961:barley 1 Barley
AGCEN_CROP_1961:oats 1 Oats
AGCEN_CROP_1961:mixed_corn_thresh 1 Mixed Corn for threshing
AGCEN_CROP_1961:rye_thresh 1 Rye for threshing
AGCEN_CROP_1961:potatoes_first 1 Potatoes, first earlies
AGCEN_CROP_1961:potatoes_main 1 Potatoes, main crop and second earlies
AGCEN_CROP_1961:beans_peas_feed 1 Beans and peas for stockfeeding
AGCEN_CROP_1961:turnip_swede_feed 1 Turnips, swedes & fodder beet for stockfeeding
AGCEN_CROP_1961:mangold 1 Mangolds
AGCEN_CROP_1961:rape 1 Rape
AGCEN_CROP_1961:kale_feed 1 Kale for stockfeeding
AGCEN_CROP_1961:cabbage_savoy_kohl_feed 1 Cabbage, savoys, & kohl rabi for stockfeeding
AGCEN_CROP_1961:mustard 1 Mustard
AGCEN_CROP_1961:other_feed 1 Other crops for stockfeeding
AGCEN_CROP_1961:sugarbeet 1 Sugar Beet
AGCEN_CROP_1961:hops 1 Hops
AGCEN_CROP_1961:orchard_no_sm_fruit 1 Orchards with crops, fallow or grass below the trees
AGCEN_CROP_1961:orchard_sm_fruit 1 Orchards with small fruit below the trees
AGCEN_CROP_1961:small_fruit_no_orch 1 Small fruit not under orchard trees
AGCEN_CROP_1961:veg_in_open 1 Vegetables (excluding potatoes) grown in the open
AGCEN_CROP_1961:fruit_veg_for_home 1 Fruit and vegetables not grown primarily for sale
AGCEN_CROP_1961:crops_under_glass 1 Crops under glass or in sheds
AGCEN_CROP_1961:flowers_in_open 1 Bulbs and flowers grown in the open and nursery stock
AGCEN_CROP_1961:other_crop 1 All other crops
AGCEN_CROP_1961:bare_fallow 1 Bare Fallow
AGCEN_CROP_1961:lucerne 1 Lucerne
AGCEN_CROP_1961:clover_rot_grass_mow 1 Clover and Rotation Grasses: For mowing
AGCEN_CROP_1961:clover_rot_grass_graze 1 Clover and Rotation Grasses: For grazing