Measurement Unit : Persons

Most of the data values in the system are counts of numbers of people, but it also includes counts of households, and measurements in acres and hectares, for example.

Measurement Unit (M)

Measurement Unit " Persons " is contained within:

The Database, which everything else is contained within:

Entity ID Entity Name
DB VoB Database

Measurement Unit " Persons " contains:

Universes, definining what the values in datasets add up to :

Entity ID Entity Name
U_ABLEBODIED Able-bodied Paupers
U_ABLEBODIED_M_OUT Able-bodied Male Paupers on Outdoor Relief
U_ADULT_F Adult Females
U_ADULT_M Adult Males
U_ALL_IND Persons employed in all industries
U_CIV_POP All Civilians
U_EDUC_LEVEL Persons with recorded educational level
U_ELECTORATE Persons registered to vote
U_FARMWORKERS All Farmworkers
U_INSURED_UNEM All persons covered by unemployment insurance
U_MEAN_POP All Persons
U_OCC Occupied Persons
U_OCC_15UP All Occupied Persons aged 15 & upwards
U_OCC_M Occupied Males
U_OVER20 All persons aged 20 & over
U_POP_CHANGE Change in number of Persons
U_POP_HOUS Number of Persons in Households
U_PREV_POP_10YRS All Persons 10 years earlier
U_PREV_POP_20YRS All Persons 20 years earlier
U_PREV_POP_30YRS All Persons 30 years earlier
U_REL_ATTEND Attendances at church
U_TOT_POP All Persons
U_TOT_U5 All Persons aged under 5
U_TOT_5UP All Persons aged 5 & upwards
U_VOL_SCHOOL All eligible for voluntary schooling
U_VOTERS Persons actually voting in an election
U_WELFARE_POP Total population, as listed in welfare reports
U_WELFARE_TOT All Persons receiving Welfare Assistance
U_WKG_AGE All Persons of Working Age
U_WKG_AGE_M All Males of Working Age
U_WORKERS All Workers
U_WORKERS_MANUF All Workers in Manufacturing
U_WORKERS_REP All Workers reporting an occupation