Universe : All Households

Universes define the total number covered by a given nCube, such as the total population of an area or the total number of occupied males aged 16 and over.

All Households
Universe (U)

Universe " All Households " is contained within:

Measurement Units, defining what was being counted:

Entity ID Entity Name
M_HHOLD Households

Universe " All Households " contains:

Datasets or nCubes, containing the actual data :

Entity ID Entity Name
N_OCC_3WAY_FAM All occupied persons, in 3 Categories
N_HOUSEHOLDS Total Households
N_HOUS_DENSITY_GEN Housing Density (Generalised)
N_HOUS_DENSITY_GEN_HIGH Housing Density (Scottish categories)
N_HHOLD_SIZE_15UP Persons (1-15up) per Room (1-10up)
N_HOUS_ROOMS_10UP Persons (1-15up) per Room (1-10up)
N_HOUS_DENS_XTAB_R10_P15 Persons (1-15up) per Room (1-10up)
N_HOUS_ALL_AMENITY Housing Amenities
N_HOUS_HAVE_BATH Exclusive use of a bath
N_HOUS_HAVE_WC Exclusive use of a W.C.
N_HOUS_CENTRAL_HEAT Having Central Heating
N_FAM_HOUS_CLASS_IRL Inhabited Houses by "Class" (Ireland)