1911 Census of England and Wales, Census Returns of England and Wales, 1911, giving details of Areas, Houses, Families or separate occupiers, and Population:- Registration Areas, Table 5 : " Registration Counties, Districts and Sub-districts with their constituent civil parishes. - Urban or Rural District in which each parish is situated; Area; families or separate occupiers, and population, 1901 and 1911; and population enumerated in Institutions, large establishments, and on vessels, &c., 1911".

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Area in Statute Acres (Land and Inland Water)
Families or Separate Occupiers
Institutions, Large Establishments, Vessels, etc.
Bath PLU/RegD Total   30,730 Show data context 17,882 Show data context 19,546 Show data context 77,604 Show data context 81,581 Show data context 35,217 Show data context 46,364 Show data context 92 Show data context 3,974 Show data context
Twerton SubD Drill-down 14,451 Show data context 3,347 Show data context 4,021 Show data context 14,985 Show data context 17,609 Show data context 8,623 Show data context 8,986 Show data context 7 Show data context 41 Show data context
Bathwick SubD Drill-down 3,459 Show data context 1,602 Show data context 1,698 Show data context 6,983 Show data context 7,074 Show data context 2,673 Show data context 4,401 Show data context 16 Show data context 570 Show data context
Lyncombe SubD Drill-down 1,850 Show data context 3,132 Show data context 4,085 Show data context 14,372 Show data context 17,497 Show data context 7,887 Show data context 9,610 Show data context 8 Show data context 993 Show data context
Walcot SubD Drill-down 939 Show data context 7,569 Show data context 7,328 Show data context 31,183 Show data context 29,020 Show data context 11,530 Show data context 17,490 Show data context 51 Show data context 1,906 Show data context
Batheaston SubD Drill-down 10,031 Show data context 2,232 Show data context 2,414 Show data context 10,081 Show data context 10,381 Show data context 4,504 Show data context 5,877 Show data context 10 Show data context 464 Show data context


The following notes to the table appeared in the original report.

1 Registration Districts are co-extensive with Poor Law Unions or Parishes of the same names with the exception of the Registration Districts of [details depend on Division].
2 Where the name of the Administrative County in which a parish is situated differs from that of the Registration County, the name of the former is added in italics in Column 1; the differences between Registration Counties and Administrative Counties are shown in Table 7.
3 In all Counties, Districts, Sub-Districts and Civil Parishes marked + changes were made in boundaries between the Census of 1901 and that of 1911.
4 The places named in footnotes as being included in Civil Parishes are localities having no defined boundaries such as hamlets, villages, &c. In many cases names applied to localities serve also as the names of Ecclesiastical Parishes, Wards, &c. In many cases of alterations of boundary between the Census of 1901 and 1911, the figures both for 1901 and 1911 relate to the new areas. Particulars of alterations in Registration Districts are given in Table 6, and of alterations in Civil Parishes in Table 13, Vol. I. For particulars of alterations in Registration Sub-Districts reference should be made to the Registrar-General's Annual Reports.
5 The figures in Column 11 represent the population enumerated:-
  1. In Military and Naval Barracks, Hospitals, Lunatic Asylums, Prisons, and Certified Reformatory and Industrial Schools (see Tables 17 and 20, Vol. I).
  2. In other Establishments, including private households, of which the number of inmates exceeded 15.
  3. On board Vessels (see Table 21, Vol. I).
  4. In Barns, Sheds, Caravans, &c., or in the Open Air (see Table 22, Vol. I).
6 The figures in Columns 4, 5 and 10 correspond to the total number of schedules collected. If the entries in Columns 10 and 11 be deducted from those in Columns 5 and 7 respectively, the resultant figures, relating, as they do, exclusively to families each containing no more than 15 persons may be taken as a rough indication of the number of private families and of persons comprising such families. A closer approximation to the number of private families in the larger areas will be found in the Tables relating to Tenements, to be published in a later volume.
7 In the Report on the Census of 1901, the corresponding Table is numbered 12 in the several County Volumes.

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