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Census data from 1961 to 2001 are © Office for National Statistics, for England and Wales, and © General Register Office, for Scotland. They also supplied our detailed maps of modern census reporting areas.

Some of the historical photographs used within these pages are © English Heritage.

The text interpreting statistical themes is © Humphrey Southall 2003-12.

The maps created by the Land Utilisation Survey of Great Britain are © L. Dudley Stamp/Geographical Publications Ltd, while the scanned images of these maps are © Great Britain Historical GIS.

Many of the individual statistical datasets were computerised by academic researchers who hold copyright in the transcriptions. All statistics available for download include a reference to the contributor(s) where appropriate, please respect the user licence and credit these individuals when using their data. All downloadable material comes with an end user licence, which you must agree to adhere to before the system will initiate a download, please respect the terms of the licence.

Material within the site is made available under a variety of licences. Please check the conditions of the licence for the particular material you want to use before re-using our data.

The resource as a whole is © Great Britain Historical GIS Project 2004-12. The GBH GIS is a network of collaborating academic researchers. For details please contact Humphrey Southall (

All works which use or refer to these materials should acknowledge this source by means of bibliographic citation. To ensure that such source attributions are captured for bibliographic indexes, citations must appear in footnotes or in the reference section of publications. The citation format below is composed of: Author, Date, Title, Publisher. The bibliographic citation for this data collection is:

"Great Britain Historical GIS Project (2004) 'Great Britain Historical GIS'. University of Portsmouth"

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